Nov. 20th, 2001

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There's no way I am turning this thing in at 2pm today. ProfBoy will just have to wait until tomorrow to read my brilliant perspective. I know, I know. But I could turn in 6 pages today, or closer to 15 tomorrow (maybe 12?). There isn't a grade on this draft- just an opportunity for him to make comments. As god as my witness, I'll never procrastinate again!

In other news, I think I have an aneurysm at the base of my skull. Of course it could just be a tension headache. But the aneurysm is so much more dramatic. And I think that would explain the very odd mood I am in right now. And have been in for the last few hours. Lalalalaaaaaaa.

And burned english muffins make the baby jesus cry. (is that joke played out? I want to stay hip, you know...)

And now a poll:

[Poll #10644]
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Ok, you smart asses. Matt Damon can sing the hell out of that song. Just because "what" was a choice didn't mean you had to choose it! Ack! I am dealing with amateurs here!
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I love that so many of you have such strong feelings about tinsel and flocking.


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