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Please. Someone come over here and kick my ass. I have a million things to do before I leave for Ft Worth tonight and I am sitting here refreshing LJ waiting to read brilliance from someone. Flash, little pencil, flash! I'm lucky that chat is empty.

Hehe. This thread just provided several minutes of merriment and yummy procrastination. Thanks jarbaby.


    What I Have To Do Before Leaving For The Asylum:

  1. Fill my prescription
  2. Go to the SSB to sign the release for medical forms (WHY I didn't just do this yesterday is BEYOND me)
  3. Go to Brackenridge Hospital to get more medical records (I have known about this for at least 2 weeks, and I should have done it before now. grrrrr)
  4. Go to the library for books
  5. Get film developed (I think this one will have to wait until I get to FtW)
  6. Get to store to buy various junk
  7. Wash silverware (I can't put it in the dishwasher, as there is no basket! Whoever heard of such a thing?!)
  8. Pack
  9. Clean this freaking apartment
  10. Clean Ami's condo
  11. Write that meaningful Thanksgiving entry I have been thinking about
  12. Fuck. Send out the YCT email about the West Mall schedule for next week. Something I was going to have done by the day before yesterday.

I plan to leave here around 7pm. We'll see, eh?
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