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Wow I am lazy! I went to sleep last night (actually passed out!) around 230am, and didn't drag myself out of bed until 3pm today. But it is a lazy Saturday, so nyah. I love Saturdays where I don't have anything to do but watch NASCAR and eat cake, if I want to. Technically, I do have to finish those ratings for the YCT thing, but I am not feeling particularly pressured to have that done on time. Especially when the chair didn't even know they were due today.

I learned how to play cribbage last night! Pat taught me- and he taught me so well that I almost beat him once and did beat him the last time we played! Then I went on to beat him at Sorry! Of course the monopoly man kept saying I had resigned from the game so he could steal my points. Pat won a game too, I think. I was so tired I can barely remember anything.

I went back to chat last night, after being away almost a week. I don't know if it was because I was tired, or because I had been spoiled by the undivided attention provided by AIM, but it wasn't as much fun as it used to be. It's odd how the dynamic in there changes.


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