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Evidently, we gay people are a cancer who will destroy young people and this nation.

a few gems:

Studies show, no society that has totally embraced homosexuality has lasted for more than, you know, a few decades.

I honestly think it’s the biggest threat our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam.

Let her know what you think, if you're so inclined:
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I heard about this story last week and wanted to write something about it, but I had trouble getting my thoughts together in a coherent way. Ellen did a good job, so here's her take.

The one thing I can add is my disappointment at how it was presented on the news (I think I saw it on ABC, but I'm not sure). When explaining what happened, they said it was because the boy "admitted" to being gay. While technically admit means "to concede as true or valid", the connotation of the word "admit" is that someone is confessing to doing something wrong. Hell, even in the dictionary, an example of the definition's context is "admitted making a mistake." This kid wasn't doing or being anything wrong and it's upsetting that a news writer would even think to use that word. What's more upsetting is that probably wasn't an intentional thing- it's just so ingrained that being gay is something shameful that has to be kept a secret so if someone comes out or is outed, then of course "admit" is the right word. Which is sad.
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Hey guys! Evidently I am a gang member. According to this delightful website, I am part of "a sinister force working around the clock to destroy the bond between woman and her man".

Thankfully they outline the characteristics of the evil lesbian:

boys haircut
close cropped pearl earrings sometimes only one
boys collared shirts sometimes with boys tie
masculine sleeveless vest
boys suit coat
mens construction shoes
ghostly drab facial expression and color because of no makeup

The lesbian code prohibits any enhances which may attract a heterosexual man.

Even more useful tips are offered to protect you from selecting a lesbian doctor.

If a womyn doctor is forced upon you, don't be ashamed; ask questions; get a biography on her; find out if she has ever been a political activist.
If you find some means of recognition too difficult, the sure giveaway is to check if the doctor ever took a "womyn study course," and if so, then you better scat as fast and far as you can. Or, if all else fails, ask her if she would mind taking a lie-detector test. Never the less, above and beyond all else, never, ever, be shamed, intimidated, or threatened from asking for a biography check. Or, better yet, to avoid all the hassle, just demand a man doctor. That's what I do.

And then there is the useful guide to the various handicaps suffered by lesbians:


Exclusively heterosexual women can, in mid-life, develop lesbian feelings and behavior. This is a well known clinical feature of lesbianism. It often occurs during marriage or after marriage break-up, with no clinically observable hint of prior existence - not even lesbian fantasies.

78% of lesbians value highly "Dildos"

Lesbians are 19 times more likely than heterosexual women to have syphilis, twice as likely to suffer from genital warts and 4 times as likely to have scabies. A lesbian is 3 times more likely to get breast cancer than a heterosexual woman.

Though I would hope most people aren't this insane, and I'm mostly sure that's the case, it's still disheartening to know that at least one guy (along with his many published sources) do feel this way.
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So no big surprise, the constitutional amendment banning gay marriage passed, 76%-24% statewide. Travis county (mine) passed it 56%-24%, which is sort of comforting, but 7 of the other 9 counties in Austin passed it with at least 70%. Four of those with at least 80%- the largest margin was Coryell county- 87%-13%. Thanks, folks of Coryell.

Tarrant county (where my parents live) passed it 77%-23%.

I'd like to hope my mother saw this on the news and felt at least a little bad.
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Hey, guess what? The KKK came to Austin today. They'll be ranting tomorrow also. They're here to support God's Own Word, Proposition 2. Or as I like to call it, Just Another Slap in the Face. They were at City Hall today and of course the police were out. They blocked off the area in front of the "rally" from protestors. I'm not sure how much distance, but it looked like quite a lot on tv. So now the protestors have filed a suit against the city, alleging their rights were violated by being set so far back from the KKK. Dude, the crowd couldn't even keep from fighting one another- we should let the KKK and the protestors have unlimited access to one another? Yah, rite. That won't go badly.

UT beat Baylor today. 62 to zero. Not that it was at all surprising for Baylor to choke, but whoa.

Rent was due on the 1st. As you may remember, I was recovering from being dead this week, so I forgot to pay it. On Friday, Apt Boy left me a message saying he had taken the rent checks to the bank and since mine wasn't in on time, I would have to pay a late fee. Oh no, I do not think so. I checked my lease- it says that "if tenant fails to pay the rent in full before the end of the 3rd day after it's due, tenant will pay a late charge." By the end of the day. But he called at TEN AM. Hardly the "end of the day". I do not want to pay this late fee. But I don't want to be that tenant. But it's $25- which right now is a big deal. But I don't want to split hairs. And besides, if I get pedantic about it, he can delay all he fucking wants in fixing the various things that are broken around here.

My internet connection is still spliced off of his, with a cord running through my bedroom window. I asked him what progress he had made on fixing this (since AUGUST), and he said he didn't know when he would have time to work on it, and that the problem was that the router for my connection wasn't working. REALLY? That sounds like exactly what you said two months ago, you tool. Fix it.

Not only that, but the ceiling fan and light in the living room just stopped working on Monday. But all the other outlets are working just fine in that room, so I don't think it's a fuse.

And. According to Texas law, a landlord must supply at least one smoke detector. Any one want to guess whether or not I have one here? And all windows are supposed to have locks. Well, I have wooden dowels. Take THAT, criminal element!

This place would be great if they could just pay some fucking attention to the details.


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