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Hey, guess what? The KKK came to Austin today. They'll be ranting tomorrow also. They're here to support God's Own Word, Proposition 2. Or as I like to call it, Just Another Slap in the Face. They were at City Hall today and of course the police were out. They blocked off the area in front of the "rally" from protestors. I'm not sure how much distance, but it looked like quite a lot on tv. So now the protestors have filed a suit against the city, alleging their rights were violated by being set so far back from the KKK. Dude, the crowd couldn't even keep from fighting one another- we should let the KKK and the protestors have unlimited access to one another? Yah, rite. That won't go badly.

UT beat Baylor today. 62 to zero. Not that it was at all surprising for Baylor to choke, but whoa.

Rent was due on the 1st. As you may remember, I was recovering from being dead this week, so I forgot to pay it. On Friday, Apt Boy left me a message saying he had taken the rent checks to the bank and since mine wasn't in on time, I would have to pay a late fee. Oh no, I do not think so. I checked my lease- it says that "if tenant fails to pay the rent in full before the end of the 3rd day after it's due, tenant will pay a late charge." By the end of the day. But he called at TEN AM. Hardly the "end of the day". I do not want to pay this late fee. But I don't want to be that tenant. But it's $25- which right now is a big deal. But I don't want to split hairs. And besides, if I get pedantic about it, he can delay all he fucking wants in fixing the various things that are broken around here.

My internet connection is still spliced off of his, with a cord running through my bedroom window. I asked him what progress he had made on fixing this (since AUGUST), and he said he didn't know when he would have time to work on it, and that the problem was that the router for my connection wasn't working. REALLY? That sounds like exactly what you said two months ago, you tool. Fix it.

Not only that, but the ceiling fan and light in the living room just stopped working on Monday. But all the other outlets are working just fine in that room, so I don't think it's a fuse.

And. According to Texas law, a landlord must supply at least one smoke detector. Any one want to guess whether or not I have one here? And all windows are supposed to have locks. Well, I have wooden dowels. Take THAT, criminal element!

This place would be great if they could just pay some fucking attention to the details.
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hip, hip.

In a burst of energy late last night (or early this morning) I finished putting the apartment together. I finally put away all my shoes and my linens. I set up the bookcases and moved furniture to where it belongs. I unpacked the last kitchen box. I put up all my little comics and junk on the refrigerator. I set up my meager "entertainment center" and stressed a little over spending the TV money given to me by my parents. I finally took the last items out of my car. I have a large rug but it really doesn't go with the room. I am not sure what to do with it. And I have tons of pictures waiting to be hung, but those can all wait quietly in the corner.

It finally feels like I live here. It's a funky apartment, but it is mine, so I love it. The people upstairs are always moving something so it sounds like there is a perpetual thunderstorm outside, but it's a minor annoyance.

School starts tomorrow. I can't believe how quickly the summer flew by. I bought most of my books yesterday. Thankfully most of them are small paperbacks. The government class looks like some dense reading, but the sociology stuff seems pretty simple. My oceanology book was $90 new, but I was lucky enough to find a used copy on the bottom shelf for only $67. Heh. Only.

I love the beginning of a new semester because I get to wander the aisles of the bookstore, discovering all the new things I will learn. I feel so full of hope. The new semester is error free. I have perfect attendance, the professor thinks I am smart, and I understand every word he says. I have to be careful not to build the new semester up too much, because I know I am only setting myself up for failure. But I always loved back-to-school time. All the new pens and notebooks, and schedule books. So much promise.


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