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Yeah. I should be asleep. But getting up so late yesterday messed me up for today, so I am not tired yet. But I am sure that by the time 8 or 9:30 rolls around I will be dying.

I've been watching alot of NewsRadio lately. T and I used to watch it all the time, it was my "contribution." We belong together like H and 2O. Good times, good times.

While I was reading yesterday, I zoned out for a little bit and had a very vivid daydream about T. We were hanging out in his apartment and then we went grocery shopping. It was eerily comforting. I felt like we had really been together. Spooky.

Oh man. They are interviewing the parents of the Houston woman who drowned her children. They have nothing to add to the story. This is sensationalism at its worst. Why must we be informed of every intricacy of this woman's past and the lurid details of her imprisonment? And why do journalists ask questions that they know the family won't answer? Like her mother is going to indict her son-in-law and blame their oppressive religious beliefs. Unbelieveable. Diane Sawyer is asking the grandmother about retrieving her grandson's butterfly collection when a butterfly landed on her shoulder. This is what passes for journalism? Ugh. Those poor people. What made them accept this interview?

Children die everyday. Some at the hands of their parents. A month or so ago, a father in Dallas shot and killed his two daughters- why aren't his parents on GMA?

I just balanced my checkbook, and I am woefully, pitifully broke. That emergency room bill is going to kill me, and there's no telling what the follow-up clinic is going to cost. Add to that the $250 I have to send to the new insurance company and I won't be able to even eat ramen! Hmm. My prescription runs out in a couple of weeks too, which means another $120. I wonder how many times a month you can donate plasma....

I should just get a job, but I start work study in August, and I would feel pretty badly about starting work somewhere just to walk out on them in a month and a half. Though if it comes down to eating or screwing over some minimum wage job, I'll take eating.

Hmm. Now they are interviewing a 13 year old lightning strike victim and his family. Riveting. I guess I should be thankful it is such a slow news day. Though I suspect there is actually plenty going on. Which reminds me, I must remember to buy the NYT when I get to school. I should probably write it on my hand.


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