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There was a fire at an apartment complex right across the street from me last night, but I didn't hear a thing! I had no idea how oblivious I could be.

Have you ever told someone a lie while hoping they would call you on it? Have you ever had someone who always knew when you were lying and you were glad?

I wonder what kind of shakeup would occur if the parents actually knew the state of my life lately. They know I am a little wacked out, and certainly unbalanced, but they think (as usual) that everything is under control. When it is not. So very, very not. But they only think that because I have become very skilled at the use of the word "fine" and the cheery little chirpy voice. And if I sense they don't quite buy what I am selling, I will allow that I have been a little scattered, but it "isn't anything I can't handle. Really." So if they aren't pushing the issue, it is noone's fault but my own. What the hell is so fucking hard about asking for help?

Per esempio, the emergency room bill. How I thought I could pay it by myself I will never know. But did I ask for help? Nooooooo. They offered to pay the deposit on the new insurance policy and asked me to remind them to write a check, but did I remind them? Nooooooo. (sad little sidenote: I had to count the 'o's in the last two "no"s to make sure they were equal)

News event for the day. Yet another mother left her 8 month old daughter in a car. She forgot to drop her off at the babysitter's home, went on to work, and did not discover that her daughter was still in the fucking van until late afternoon, when she went to pick up her son at day care. Her attorney's argument? She is a CEO and that morning was especially busy. Plus, her husband usually took the baby to the sitter. Basically, she just had too much on her plate and didn't know the routine.

Unacceptable. How do you forget your baby is in the car? I know that at that age the carseat is turned around, but babies aren't silent little creatures who can be overlooked. This poor child was cooked to death. The van temperature was an estimated 140 degrees.

No, there may not have been malicious intent, but this is a serious case of negligent behavior. This mother probably feels terribly, but just because you are upset does not mean you are absolved. I hope she is prosecuted.

[stepping down off soapbox]


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