Aug. 29th, 2001

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Hm. I have slipped from cooking my meals everyday to el cheapo frozen meals. I predict that by Friday I shall be surviving on whatever crackers or twizzlers are left in the apartment. Actually, I had better cook tomorrow. I bought meat at the grocery store yesterday, in a flash of optimism, and it would really kill me to have to toss it out. I already have to throw out some sausage that has been staring at me for a couple of weeks now. I would just toss it all in the freezer, but then I would never cook it. When I moved out of the old apartment I threw out about 10 bucks worth of chicken that I thought I would eventually cook. The sell by dates were from last September and November.

First day of school was today. I had italian, 1-2pm. I got to the bus stop at noon, right on schedule. I arrived at the classroom with plenty of time to spare, so I leafed through my notes from previous italian classes. I noticed people around me with the telltale purple italian book writing what looked to be essays. There were too many of them on the same page in the book for it to be coincidental, so I asked someone what the deal was. Turned out that the italian professors all gave a homework assignment to their ITL507 classes. I wasn't in ITL507 last semester. I was in the accelerated second year italian class. If I had passed it I would be done with this ridiculous language requirement.

I am all for well-rounded students. I think people should be aware of cultures besides their own. But I don't think I should have to take four semsters of a language when business and most of the science students don't. People should know foreign languages. But we should learn them in elementary school, while our brains are still mushy.

Ugh. It is killing my GPA. Of course, so are the science requirements. And the math. And the electives. Okay, I would rather just take all government classes. Would that be too much to ask?


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