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The good folks at Procter and Gamble have offered some "healthy" eating tips on their Playtex website. It's clearly geared towards adolescent girls. Maybe some people think I sound shrill or strident about this stuff, but I cannot help but be appalled.

the worst of them:

1. Write down everything you eat. Icky, we know, but we also know there's no better substitute (except looking at yourself in the mirror naked), that's better than tracking what goes into your mouth to get you into the habit of thinking before you eat.

2. Post-It notes are great for reminding you of the right thing to do. Stick them on the bathroom mirror, on the inside of your locker, on your computer. Be creative with your reminder. "How hungry are you really?" "Exactly why are you eating that now?" "What will the scale say tomorrow morning?"

Why not just write up a how-to manual on eating disorders? Hell, maybe they can sell cute little food journals and preprinted post-its? How about a magazine full of "success" stories with before and after pictures? Let's definitely make sure we raise yet another generation of girls who obsess about their weight and hate their bodies.

Fucking ridiculous.

Date: 2008-03-19 09:02 pm (UTC)
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They probably figure there's a buck to be made.


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