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Checked the government grade today. The exams weren't posted, but the cumulative grades were. I got a B. A sucky, crappy, mediocre B. And please don't rush to comment that I should be proud of that B and that it is a good grade. I know that. It is a respectable grade. But not the one I needed/wanted. And certainly not what I was capable of. By now I can take a government class with my eyes closed and get a B. I am tired of it. I studied all week only to be undone by mind gremlins. I think I don't really want to graduate as much as I say I do.

I still haven't finished compiling the ratings. I have all the factual information, but I am having trouble writing the recommendation. I don't want to look dumb in front of the big bad YCTers.

I need a haircut. I went to get that done today, but they were booked, so I had to make an appointment for tomorrow. I was disappointed, because I really wanted it done today. Not only was I tired of looking at brown hair, I am tired of wearing the same ponytail/bun everyday. I just hope I can pull off shorter hair. Though I can barely pull off the longer hair, so it's really six of one, half dozen of the other. Something I am sure of though is that my mother will hate all of it. The only real variable is whether she'll hate the color or the cut more.

I can see where this is going so I will close here.

Date: 2001-07-18 04:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hey Sapphy? I love you (just so you know).


Date: 2001-07-18 04:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Your recent post of 7/17/99 (I am speaking of Cow years, not human years. Cow years will never surpass 99.) was rather sad and dissappointing. Cows do not like people to use their ears to hold change. Most cows, don't even like people period. They don't like to have quarters flicking around in their former ears, it is degrading. But, that isn't so bad. To take the ear, and then complain that isn't a silk purse. Well, cows weep for the calves future when they hear this. To sum it up. Cows would much rather if their ears were eaten by beagles named Roger.

Yeah, B's aren't graet when you were going for an A. But, this is a new semester, and you have a new class to ace. This time you will get an A, and you can be ready and primed for another government class, and this time you will remember taking a test isn't liek swimming. So, you will open your eyes. Or maybe wear a nice pair of goggles.

Your ratings will dazzle the YCT folks. You have all kinds of strong opinions that are very intelligent. You will dazzle the YCT people who know what they are doing. You will annoy the religious right element of the group. Then you will shake your short pink hair, and be the hit of the conference. Yay!

I for one have no doubt you can pull off short hair. But, I would leave it on. Don't pull it off. I think it looks cute on your head, instead of on the floor. Short hair will look very nice.



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