Jul. 17th, 2001

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I went to the pharmacy, and I went to the post office, and I put gas in the car, and I bought peanut butter m&ms. And I colored my hair. Sort of. I have been trying to grow the black out, so I have just been letting the natural brown come in. But I got tired of looking at the brown, so I decided on red. Bright purply red. And even though I knew it probably wouldn't turn out, I colored it anyway. And the part that was natural brown is now a cool red. But the black part is still black. Even though the box said it would color black hair. Of course they probably meant naturally black hair.

I have an irrational fear of Drano. I am always afraid I might accidentally drink it. Not that it might spill and get onto something like my toothbrush, or that it might splash into my glass. No. I am worried that if it is left out on a counter I might accidentally walk over to it, open it, and chug the bottle down. All by accident! And by the time I realize what I am doing it would be too late!

In the same vein, today when I was drying my hair, I turned the water on to re-wet my bangs. While the water was on, I tightened my grip on the hair dryer because I thought I would drop it (because I might forget I was holding it) and electrocute myself.

Today was the first day of the second summer school session. I am taking a geography class on weather and climate. The instructor is a weatherman for the Austin CBS affiliate. He is funny and laid back, and his lecture style seems like it will be easy to follow. The classroom is wonderful. I know that sounds silly, but after having classes in some of the oldest, most uncomfortable rooms on campus, this room is a dream. Soft, movie theater style seats, with a large desk and lots of legroom. Yay. There are 4 tests scheduled (ack!), but none of them are comprehensive. And one of them will be dropped. And one of those counts as the final.

A few goals:
1. perfect attendance this week (normally I would say perfect attendance all session long, but I have to work on smaller more immediate goals)
2. an hour of reading a day- there are only a couple of chapters assigned for each day, so I should be able to complete them in an hour's time
3. finish the reading by 3pm

I think that's enough for this week. I already feel like I won't accomplish any of them (though before I wrote them down I felt like they were reasonably achievable).

Okay, I am taking my silly pink head to bed now.

JoeyHemlock, if you are out there, I miss you! Get your butt back into the LJ groove, you hear?

And quix, just so I can increase my chances of getting a comment from you...mullet.


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